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Jahrbuch Ökologie 2004

The Yearbook Ecology will be published in the end of September 2003. Ecologic is one of the institutes supporting this yearbook. Like its predecessors, the Yearbook Ecology 2004 will present contributions on ecology that inform about trends in environmental pollution, analyze and criticize governmental environmental policy, document historical environmental events and draft visions of a sustainable world.

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Value of Biodiversity

Documenting EU examples where biodiversity loss has led to the loss of ecosystem services
Kettunen, M. & ten Brink, P. 2006. Value of biodiversity- Documenting EU examples where biodiversity loss has led to the loss of ecosystem services. Final report for the European Commission. Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP), Brussels, Belgium. 131 pp.Read more

Legal Analysis of the First Meeting of the Working Group on Access to Genetic Resources

For this study the results of the meeting of the Ad Hoc Working Group on access and benefit sharing of genetic resources, held in Bonn in October 2001, were analysed. The study was compiled in order to prepare the German negotiating position for the Sixth Meeting of the Conference of the Parties of the Convention on Biological Diversity. The recommendations made in this study are based on an assessment of Germany's interests in access and benefit sharing of genetic resources.Read more

The Water Framework Directive and Nature Conservation

Discussion Paper commissioned by the Baltic Environmental Forum
Dieses von Ecologic erarbeitete Hintergrundpapier diente den Teilnehmern zur Vorbereitung auf die Konferenz "River Basin Management and Ecological Water Quality", die im Juni 2001 in Roosta, Estland stattfand. Die Ergebnisse der Kurzstudie wurden auf der Konferenz präsentiert.Read more


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