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Towards New Development and Sustainable Development Goals

5 June 2013

The Konrad Adenauer Foundation conducted the conference "Towards new development and Sustainable Development Goals" on 5 June 2013 in Berlin. Dr. Nils Meyer-Ohlendorf, Senior Fellow, spoke at the event. 

Between Helpful Advice and Questionable Influence - Traditional and New Actors of Political Consulting and Advising in German Federal Politics

6 July 2012

During the 7th Conference in Interpretive Policy Analysis at Tilburg (The Netherlands), Golo Bartsch presented recent developments of German political consulting, and adressed some of the legitimacy questions caused by them.

From 5th to 7th of July, political scientists from all over the world gathered at Tilburg, where the Tilburg Law School, Tilburg University hosted the 7th International Conference in Interpretive Policy Analysis (IPA). Guided by the conference topic "Understanding the Drama of Democracy", theRead more

Local and Regional Adaptation Strategies to Climate Change: Sharing Good Practices and Comparative Analysis between the U.S. and Germany

7 December 2012
Washington, DC
United States

On 7 December 2012, the Policy Studies Organization hosted the "Dupont Summit 2012: Pressing Issues amid the Political Maelstrom". The fourth annual Summit focused on the dissemination of scientific and technological information to researchers and decision-makers. Energy and climate change issues were highlighted as a theme this year. Dr. Grit Martinez, for Ecologic Institute Berlin, and Tanja Srebotnjak, for  Ecologic Institute’s San Mateo office, were panelists on a session entitled "Local and Regional Adaptation Strategies to Climate Change: Sharing Good Practices and ComparativeRead more

Energy Efficiency of Buildings

2 August 2012
United States

On August 2, 2012, Dominic Marcellino, Fellow at Ecologic Institute DC, spoke at the "Net-Zero House Symposium", where he presented research results regarding the energy efficiency of buildings. The Net-Zero House Symposium in DC was a half-day discussion event on the building and promotion of net-zero and highly energy efficient buildings.

In total, three speakers presented the current research work of their respective organizations in building energy efficiency. Dominic Marcellino focusedRead more

NPR Interview

14 August 2012
Santa Monica, CA
United States

"To the Point", a daily radio program of KCRW in Santa Monica, CA, produced a segment called "The Consequences of Climate Change and the Cost of Denial" on 14 August 2012.

The host, Warran Olney, led a discussion with his guests about the current state of climate science, the political and cultural impediments to meeting the challenge in the United States, the need for action, and also the example that Germany’s climate change and renewable energy policies may hold for the United States.

Dominic Marcellino, Fellow at EcologicRead more


The Challenge of International Environmental Governance

19 May 2009
Queenstown, MD
United States

The Aspen Policy Forum on International Environmental Governance assessed the shortcomings of the current international environmental governance structures, and then explored new or modified structures and mechanisms to overcome these shortcomings. Dr. Maria Ivanova, Senior Policy Advisor and Partner at Ecologic Institute, Berlin and Michael Mehling, President of Ecologic Institute, Washington DC actively took part as panelists and discussants in the introductory session, titled "The Challenge of International Environmental Governance".Read more


Monitoring, Reporting and Verification

28 October 2009
Washington, DC
United States

Michael Mehling, President of Ecologic Instuitute, Washington DC joined a panel session on monitoring, reporting and verfication at the International Forum on Global Environmental Governance and Climate Change, hosted by the Aspen Institute and the Italian Embassy to the United States. His report on "Global Carbon Market Institutions: An Assessment of Governance Challenges and Functions in the Carbon Market" was provided as supplemental reading material.Read more

Merging Climate Efforts: Inside or Outside the UN System?

9 December 2010

Regardless of the outcome in Cancun, the Post-2012 landscape will look substantially different than originally envisioned, with the potential emergence, or re-emergence, of national and sub-national programs. Michael Mehling joined a panel discussion on what this landscape may look like, examining trading blocs, linking of regional programs, and how these initiatives might eventually feed into international initiatives.Read more

Towards Sustainable Recovery

25 January 2010

How do the EU and the US deal with each other's expectations, values and interests in addressing issues such as sustainable recovery from the financial crisis, climate change, and the protection of fundamental rights while ensuring security? What are the prospects for the upcoming years? Michael Mehling was invited to join a panel discussion at the European Commission in Brussels titled "Towards Sustainable Recovery".
 Read more

Renewable Energy Opportunities for Farmers

6 March 2012
Omaha, Nebraska
United States

At the largest annual event for family farmers, ranchers and rural communities in the United States, Michael Mehling, President of Ecologic Institute in Washington DC, described European experiences with renewable energy in agriculture.

Speaking on a panel titled "Developments in Renewable Energy and Climate Policy", Michael Mehling drew attention to renewable energy opportunities for farmers in the European Union, highlighting recent trends and policy developments. During the discussion, participants expressed particular interest in the amended legislative framework forRead more


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