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Decarbonisation – 100% Renewable Energy and More

9 November 2015
How can industrialised nations, regions and cities mitigate greenhouse gas emissions in various economic sectors? At the international workshop “Decarbonisation – 100 % Renewable Energy and More”, decarbonisation approaches and strategies pursued in Europe on different political levels were showcased, discussed and reviewed with regard to their cross-border transferability. It showcased different examples from across the EU, highlighting specific national and city level strategies and discussed their respective commonalities and differences with an expert audience. The high-level workshop was organized by the German Federal Environment Agency with support of Ecologic Institute.Read more

International Environmental Policy Issues Contributed by Dr. Camilla Bausch

International environmental policy is receiving a great deal of attention in 2015. In September the United Nations General Assembly committed to the Sustainable Development Goals and in December a new global climate regime is expected to be adopted at the UN Climate Summit in Paris. Dr. Camilla Bausch, Director of Ecologic Institute, discussed critical aspects of this dynamic at various events.

Opportunities for and Barriers to German-French Contributions to the Climate Conference in Paris

16 October 2015
"Opportunities for and barriers to German-French contributions to the Climate Conference in Paris" was the topic of a panel discussion on 16 October 2015. The German-French association Gerhard Kiersch Verein / AGKV organized the event. The discussion addressed the question of how Germany and France could contribute to the success of the global climate conference and which obstacles still need to be overcome.Read more

Lessons from Denmark and Germany on the European Energy Transition

21 September 2015 to 25 September 2015
Copenhagen, Denmark / Berlin and Brandenburg
The first study tour of the 2015-2016 ELEEP Fellowship Class took place from 21 until 25 September 2015. On the study tour 15 ELEEP members visited Denmark and Germany to explore both opportunities and challenges of the European Energy Transition.Read more

The German Energy Transition: Debating Implications for New York State

March 2015 to April 2015
On 29 April 2015, Ecologic Institute US and the Guarini Center on Environmental, Energy and Land Use Law at New York University School of Law hosted a discussion about the German Energiewende (Energy Transition). The event provided an opportunity for participants to speak with experts with first-hand insight into the Energiewende and the lessons it may hold for policymakers in New York State, currently pursuing their own comprehensive energy reforms. Read more

Our Energy Solutions

December 2014 to December 2015
Ecologic Institute and the FracTracker Alliance inform and discuss about fracking and renewable energy sources. With 14 workshops in 7 countries on 3 continents, OUR ENERGY SOLUTIONS is creating an informed global community of engaged citizens, organizations, businesses, governments, and stakeholders to develop ideas and solutions to keep our society moving forward while preserving our planet for the future. Read more

Reform of the EU ETS: Making it fit for 2030

2nd POLIMP Webinar
The second webinar in our POLIMP Webinar Series took place on Wednesday, 16 September 2015 from 16:00 until 17:00 CEST. The webinar featured a discussion on the topic: "Reform of the EU ETS: Making it fit for 2030" feature guest speakers Anja Kollmuss (CAN Europe) and Andrei Marcu (CEPS). The audio recording is available for download.Read more

Paris 2015: Lessons from the Copenhagen Experience

1st POLIMP Webinar
In July 2015, the POLIMP Webinar Series kicked off with a discussion on the topic "Paris 2015: Lessons from the Copenhagen Experience" moderated by Matthias Duwe (Head, Climate Ecologic Institute). The audio recording is available for download.Read more

Shifts in the Tar Sands

25 August 2015
The Canadian province of Alberta is well-known for being the home of the country’s current Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, and the infamous tar sands. The traditionally conservative province has been criticized for its contribution to climate change. Binnu Jeyakumar, Consulting Advisor at Pembina Institute, led a discussion on this topic at Ecologic Institute. The seminar focused on the current political change in Alberta and its implications for the province’s involvement in the fight against climate change.Read more


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