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Climate and Energy Policy in Germany – Study Tour for Journalists from India

27 September 2015 to 3 October 2015
Berlin, Freiburg and Stuttgart
A group of 10 leading journalists came to Germany from 27 September to 3 October 2015 in order to explore and discuss German climate and energy policy. Participants were able to speak with representatives from ministries, parliament, think tanks and businesses in Berlin, Freiburg and Stuttgart.Read more

Forum "Fischschutz und Fischabstieg"

The German Federal Agency of Environment (UBA) published a synthesis report. The report summarizes major findings of the research and discussions undertaken in the German Forum on Fish Protection and Downstream Fish Migration in which the Ecologic Institute played a major role. The report highlights remaining research and development needs that require further investigation and discussion. It is available for download.Read more

ETS E-Learning Online Course

This online platform is part of an ongoing ETS Summer University program that helps to meet the growing need for improved understanding of emissions trading as an instrument of climate policy in emerging economies and developing countries. The curriculum and corresponding activities are organized into course modules, which allows for differentiation and flexibility in the learning process. Participants from all over the world learn the material online for free with the aid of supplementary webinars that feature interactive, question-and-answer sessions with subject matter experts. Ecologic is responsible for large parts of the course content and coordination among the subject matter experts. Read more

POLIMP Side-event of the UN Climate Change Conference (COP21)

1 December 2015
In advance of COP21, more than 170 countries have so far pledged to implement national climate actions, INDCs. While the Paris negotiations will decide the future framework for these INDCs, this event looked at means of supporting implementation of national contributions that already exist and could be strengthened. Specifically, the discussion focused on technology needs assessments (TNAs) and current climate finance flows.Read more

EU Climate Policy for 2030: Why are We Talking About Governance?

3rd POLIMP Webinar
The third webinar in our POLIMP Webinar Series took place on 28 October 2015 and featured a discussion on the topic "EU Climate Policy for 2030: why are we talking about governance?" moderated by Matthias Duwe (Head, Climate at Ecologic Institute). The webinar featured two main speakers. The audio recording is available online.Read more

Supporting Delivery of Climate Ambition Through the Energy Union

What is needed from Member States' National Energy Plans?
The briefing "Supporting delivery of climate ambition through the Energy Union: What is needed from Member States' National Energy Plans?" presents key messages from three research papers that have considered the options for reforming planning and reporting, and related issues that are fundamental to the development of credible governance arrangements for the Energy Union.Read more

Decarbonisation – 100% Renewable Energy and More

9 November 2015
How can industrialised nations, regions and cities mitigate greenhouse gas emissions in various economic sectors? At the international workshop “Decarbonisation – 100 % Renewable Energy and More”, decarbonisation approaches and strategies pursued in Europe on different political levels were showcased, discussed and reviewed with regard to their cross-border transferability. It showcased different examples from across the EU, highlighting specific national and city level strategies and discussed their respective commonalities and differences with an expert audience. The high-level workshop was organized by the German Federal Environment Agency with support of Ecologic Institute.Read more

International Environmental Policy Issues Contributed by Dr. Camilla Bausch

International environmental policy is receiving a great deal of attention in 2015. In September the United Nations General Assembly committed to the Sustainable Development Goals and in December a new global climate regime is expected to be adopted at the UN Climate Summit in Paris. Dr. Camilla Bausch, Director of Ecologic Institute, discussed critical aspects of this dynamic at various events.

Opportunities for and Barriers to German-French Contributions to the Climate Conference in Paris

16 October 2015
"Opportunities for and barriers to German-French contributions to the Climate Conference in Paris" was the topic of a panel discussion on 16 October 2015. The German-French association Gerhard Kiersch Verein / AGKV organized the event. The discussion addressed the question of how Germany and France could contribute to the success of the global climate conference and which obstacles still need to be overcome.Read more

Lessons from Denmark and Germany on the European Energy Transition

21 September 2015 to 25 September 2015
Copenhagen, Denmark / Berlin and Brandenburg
The first study tour of the 2015-2016 ELEEP Fellowship Class took place from 21 until 25 September 2015. On the study tour 15 ELEEP members visited Denmark and Germany to explore both opportunities and challenges of the European Energy Transition.Read more


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