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Klimaschutz und Recht

Simon Marr and Sebastian Oberthür have together with Christoph Bail co-authored a chapter which has been published in one of the leading German handbooks on European and German environmental law. The chapter, entitled "Climate protection and law", appears in the Handbuch zum europäischen und deutschen Umweltrecht, which is edited by Hans-Werner Rengeling.

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Optimisation of the Share of Renewable Energies in Electricity Systems in the European Union

Cornerstones of an alternative political and institutional scenario
Lucha, Christine 2006: Optimisation of the share of renewable energies in electricity systems in the European Union. Cornerstones of an alternative political and institutional scenario. Fachbereich 3: Mathematik / Naturwissenschaften, Universität Koblenz-Landau, Koblenz.Read more

Basic Principles for Selecting the Most Cost-effective Combinations of Measures for Inclusion in the Programme of Measures as Described in Article 11 of the Water Framework Directive

Based on a description of the relevant national and European guidelines for the implementation of the WFD and a case study analysis of the prevailing pressures on German water bodies, an exemplary catalogue of applicable measures and instruments were compiled. The included measures and instruments are described in greater detail in data sheets contained in the annex. The study differentiates between concrete technical measures and administrative, economic and informational instruments, which facilitate and support the implementation of the measures.Read more

Consequences of Germany's Ecological Tax Reforms

16 November 2004

Results of a study on the positive effects of the ecological tax reform were presented to the public on Tuesday, 16 November 2004 in Berlin. Along with a number of enterprises that reported on their experiences, the President of the Federal Environmental Agency, Prof Dr. Andreas Troge and eco-tax experts Dr. Reinhard Loske (Bündnis 90/Die Grünen) and Michael Müller (SPD)...Read more

EU Environmental Governance: A Benchmark of Policy Instruments

With a Focus on Agriculture, Energy and Transport
Kraemer, R. Andreas; Anneke Klasing; David G. Wilkinson and Ingmar von Homeyer 2002: EU Environmental Governance: A Benchmark of Policy Instruments. Ecologic/Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP), Berlin.Read more


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