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Car Labeling: A Comparison of Case Studies

26 February 2013
São Paulo

Ecologic Institute's Max Grünig participated in a debate on “Automobiles and Consumption: Mobility, Emissions and Energy Efficiency”, organised on February 26, 2013 by the Instituto Brasileiro de Defesa do Consumidor (Brasilian Institute for Consumer Protection) in São Paulo, Brasil. His presentation dealing with "Car Labeling: A Comparison of Case Studies" is available for download.

The presentation [pdf, 1,9 MB, English] includes examples of successful car labelsRead more

Sustainable Urban Transport Planning

In a chapter for the edited volume Metropolitan sustainability: Understanding and improving the urban environment, Max Grünig from the Ecologic Institute discusses non-technical approaches for developing sustainable transport and mobility plans in urban areas. The chapter 'Sustainable urban transport planning' emphasizes that it is important to understand consumer behavior and the characteristics of different urban transport choices in order to find the best solution for different urban areas.Read more

Impacts of Electric Vehicles - Summary Report

Report for the Directorate General Climate
Electric vehicles have the potential for significant contributions towards achieving the EU’s climate protection goals in the transport sector. However, the environmental impacts of a large scale introduction of electric vehicles are still unknown. This project has developed scenarios for the increased dissemination of electric vehicles in the EU until 2050 and formulated policy recommendations from these findings. The full report of this project is available for download.Read more

Shifting Renewable Energy in Transport into the Next Gear

Developing a methodology for taking into account all electricity, hydrogen and methane from renewable sources in the 10% transport target - Report for the Directorate General Energy
The European Union (EU) wants to increase the share of renewable energy in the transport sector to 10% by 2020. This 10% target was set in the Renewable Energy Directive (RED). However, it currently focuses on the use of biofuels in transport and assumes a grid-average for electricity used in transport. No methodology is available for biomethane and hydrogen from renewable sources. The study "Shifting Renewable Energy in Transport into the Next Gear" was performed to determine whether there are conditions under which it is possible and beneficial to amend the RED to include new methodologies for renewable electricity, hydrogen and biomethane to count towards the 10% transport target. The final report is available for download.Read more

The Car Label from a European Perspective

26 November 2012

The symposium entitled, "One Year Car Label (Ein Jahr Pkw-Label)" was hosted by the German Engery Agency (Deutsche Energie-Agentur, dena) on 26 November 2012 in Berlin in order to present an initial assessment of the new German car label (Pkw-EnVKV). Ecologic Institute's Max Grünig presented "The Car Label from a European Perspective (Das Pkw-Label aus europäischer Sicht)".

The amended German car labeling regulation (Pkw-EnVKV) entered into force on 1 December 2011. The regulation requires car manufacturers, dealers and leasing companies to provide information about the CO2Read more

Changing Climate – Changing Transport

7 March 2013

Even though the "Energiewende", the long-term energy transformation, may be the talk of the town, what happens in transport policy is at least as important for the success or failure of German climate policies. The situation is complex: on the one hand, there is a range of promising projects, initiatives and innovative solutions for sustainable transport. On the other hand, transport volumes are growing along with the economy, and individual mobility is on the rise. As part of the Brühl expert discussion, a panel of distinguished experts, moderated by Benjamin Görlach of the EcologicRead more

Financing Aspects of Urban and Regional Transportation

28 November 2012

On 28 November 2012, Dominic Marcellino of Ecoligic Institute DC and Max Gruenig of Ecologic Institute Berlin presented at the AICGS workshop "Sustainable Urban and Regional Transportation Systems: Financing and Planning" and compared options and best practices for financing sustainable transportation projects from the US and Germany, with a focus on the Northern Virginia and Stuttgart Regions.

From 26 to 28 November 2012, a delegation led by governmental representatives from Northern Virginia, Guelph, Canada, the Rhein-Ruhr region, and Stuttgart held the third workshop of theRead more

Financing Sustainable Transportation: An Overview of Finance Mechanisms and Cases from the U.S. and Germany

This policy report compares approaches to sustainable transportation financing in the U.S. and Germany, with a focus on Northern Virginia and the Stuttgart region. Max Gruenig and Dominic Marcellino, Senior Fellow Ecologic Institute Berlin and Fellow Ecologic Institute Washington DC respectively, are co-authors with Andrea Broaddus, PhD Candidate at the University of California at Berkeley. The policy report is available for download.Read more

Evaluation of the National Climate Protection Initiative - NKI-Poster Series

This series of 13 posters has been developed for the final conference of the project "Evaluation of the National Climate Protection Initiative (NKI)". Each poster presents a project that has been assessed within the NKI evaluation. The objective of the poster series was to present selected projects at the event and to serve as a hook for discussion. The evaluation of the projects is visualized in a comparable way. The concept that has been developed for the poster series follows the principle of targeted information segmentation. Pictures of persons and quotes are used to create attention and identification.Read more

Informational Visitors Program on Climate Protection and Renewable Energy

15 May 2011 to 21 May 2011
Berlin, Hamburg

This visitor programme on climate and renewable energy took place in Berlin, Magdeburg and Hamburg in cooperation with the German Foreign Office. The programme, designed and organised by Ecologic Institute, was aimed at Latin American political decision-makers from the national, regional and community levels as well as interested journalists. Key to the programme were discussions with experts from the German...Read more


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