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China's Coalwende: Discussion with Greenpeace China Campaigner Li Shuo

14 April 2014

Is China hooked on coal?  Data are showing a possible end to China's coal boom of latter years.  Li Shuo, Climate & Energy Campaigner for Greenpeace China explained the background for this encouraging development, and exchanged views with the Climate & Energy Team at Ecologic Institute on 16 April 2014.  China's new 'Coalwende' may not yet be as dynamic as...Read more

Re-imagining Urban Spaces - ELEEP-POCACITO Workshop on Post-Carbon Cities

4 March 2014
Washington, DC
United States

Under the auspices of the POCACITO project and the ELEEP program, Ecologic Institute and the Atlantic Council convened a workshop on post-carbon cities and the reimagining of urban spaces in Washington, DC. A group of experts working on different aspects of urban design and sustainability gathered to discuss current urban trends in the US and the EU (as well as...Read more

Linking Transit and Urban Development: ELEEP's Portland-Seattle Study Tour

27 January 2014 to 31 January 2014
Portland, Salem (Oregon) and Seattle (Washington)
United States
Ten ELEEP Members traveled to the Pacific Northwest of the United States to find out how communities use planning, policies, investments, and other measures to establish low-carbon, sustainable transportation systems. This tour took a broad perspective, moving beyond a focus on transportation systems in isolation to consider the larger economic development, urban/rural, and social implications of transit and transportation planning.Read more

Triggering Innovation for Decarbonisation

20 November 2013
Success in the battle against climate change will depend on the ability to find new and innovative solutions for a variety of emission-producing activities: from energy supply to industrial production, to housing, food and transport. At the UN Climate Conference in Warsaw, a joint side event of the two EU-funded research projects CECILIA2050 and ENTRACTE discussed to what extent climate policies deployed in the EU have been able to trigger low-carbon innovations, and how the future EU climate policy framework can become more conducive to such innovations. Ecologic Institute's Benjamin Görlach moderated the discussion.Read more

CECILIA2050 What Constitutes an Optimal Climate Policy Mix?

Deliverable 1.1.: Defining the concept of optimality, including political and legal framework conditions
Görlach, Benjamin. 2013. What constitutes an optimal climate policy mix? Defining the concept of optimality, including political and legal framework conditions. CECILIA2050 WP1 Deliverable 1.1. Berlin: Ecologic Institute.Read more

CECILIA2050 Country Report: Germany

Deliverable 1.2: Review of the existing instrument mix at EU level and in selected Member States
Görlach, Benjamin; Homann, Gesa; Wawer, Tim. 2013. Country report: Germany. Contribution to CECILIA2050 Deliverable 1.2: Review of the existing instrument mix at EU level and in selected Member States. Berlin: Ecologic Institute Read more

Arctic Summer College 2013

8 July 2013 to 26 August 2013

On 8 July 2013, Ecologic Institute began the 2013 Arctic Summer College. Ecologic Institute's Arctic Program hosts the program alongside a number of institutional partners: the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS); the Embassy of Canada, Germany; the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN); and the WWF Global Arctic Programme. Outcomes of the Arctic Summer College will be...Read more

ETTAR - Environmental Technologies Training and Awareness-Raising in the Transport Sector

9 September 2008

The ETTAR project ended with its final conference in Brussels to discuss the conclusions reached by the working groups. A total of three workshops had been held in the year leading up to the conference.

Background notes were prepared in advance of the workshops and policy briefs were produced in order to disseminate findings and recommendations. A final report summarised these...Read more


Obstacles and Opportunities for Electric Mobility in Europe

2 July 2013

At RIVE 2013 (International Encounters of Ecological Cars) in Alès, Senior Fellow at Ecologic Institute Max Grünig presented on electric mobility costs and existing policy instruments in Europe, identifying challenges and opportunities for the industry. His presentation slides are available for download.

Max Grünig's presentation contained the following key results:

  • The total costs for electric mobility vehicles currently still exceed the costs of comparable conventional vehicles.
  • Falling production costs create lower consumer prices and cause an increase in
  • Read more

Best Practices in Sustainable Urban Mobility

26 February 2013
São Paulo

Ecologic Institute's Max Grünig participated in a debate on “Automobiles and Consumption: Mobility, Emissions and Energy Efficiency”, organised on February 26, 2013 by the Instituto Brasileiro de Defesa do Consumidor (Brasilian Institute for Consumer Protection) in São Paulo, Brasil. The presentation aoout "Best Practices in Sustainable Urban Mobility" is available for download.

Max Grünig's presentation [pdf, 1 MB, English] highlighted several European cities with goodRead more


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