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Soil Protection and Renewable Resources

May 2005 to July 2005
The increased use of renewable resources has several positive environmental effects in comparison to the use of fossil fuel. Nevertheless, with an extended cultivation of energy crops and other renewable resources, there may also be negative consequences on soil quality. The evaluation of these effects is the focus of this project.Read more

Vital soil - The Next Step Towards a European Soil Strategy

October 2004 to December 2004

Ecologic assisted the preparation of the Conference "Vital soil; the next step towards a European Soil Strategy" within the framework of the Dutch EU-Presidency of the European Union. For this purpose, Ecologic prepared a Background Paper that presents the integration of soil protection into the environmental as well as other policies of the European Union and identifies shortcomings and potentials.

Soil is a vital and largely non-renewable resource increasingly under pressure, however there is no legal instrument at the EU level that is directly concerned with soilRead more


Beitrag naturschutzpolitischer Instrumente zur Steuerung der Flächeninanspruchnahme

The study "Control of land use - nature conversation strategies, policies and instruments" is now available for download. The study analyses the legal basis and the conceptual design of nature conversation strategies, policies and instruments for reducing or managing land use in Germany. In addition, implementation deficits of these instruments are identified. Read more

Land Use Planning and Management at the Local Level

February 2004
How can the rate of land consumed on greenfield sites for purposes of urban development and traffic be reduced? Which instruments are most appropriate to use in reaching this goal? How significant will fiscal, economic, regulatory and planning tools be in reducing and managing land development? Which tasks will have to be carried out at the national, regional and local level to support this aim? These and other vital questions were discussed at the Workshop Land Use Planning and Management at the Local Level. Read more

Economic Assessment of Soil Deterioration

September 2003 to April 2004
Soil is the basis of all economic and cultural activities; however, this "fundamental" economic value of soil is barely recognised. As part of a project for the European Commission, Ecologic and the French Geological Survey (BRGM) will therefore estimate the economic consequences that the continued degradation of European soils implies. Read more

A European Strategy for Soil Protection

29 April 2004

In Bavaria, various initiatives and projects to support sustainable land use have been carried out. These activities, as well as best practices from selected Member States were presented and discussed at a workshop on the planned European Strategy for Soil Protection. The event on behalf of the Free State of Bavaria was also a contribution towards the Environmental Conference of...Read more


Service for the Provision of Advanced Geo-Information on Environmental Pressure and State (SAGE)

February 2003 to October 2004
Policy makers increasingly need accurate and timely information to meet reporting requirements linked to environmental legislation and decision making. This project explored the extent to which Earth Observation (EO) services can help meet the special reporting requirements of two important European Union (EU) environmental policy areas, namely the Water Framework Directive (WFD) and the Soil Protection Initiative (SPI). Read more

Land Use - Strategies, Instruments and Measures for Nature Conservation

June 2003 to November 2003
Land consumption in Germany, which is caused mainly by the construction of transportation infrastructure and new housing projects, currently stands at the alarmingly high rate of 130 ha a day. Funded by the German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN) and in cooperation with the Leipniz Institute for Ecological and Regional Development (IÖR), Ecologic is analyzing the contribution of nature protection policy to reducing and managing the demand for land use in Germany. At the centre of this research lie the instruments of nature conservation policy, such as the creation of protected areas, the European Flora and Fauna Directive, Environmental Impact Assessment and landscape planning. Read more

Common Forum on Contaminated Land

November 2002
15 November 2002
The "EU Common Forum on Contaminated Land" was initiated in 1994 and provides a discussion forum for experts from all EU Member States and Accession Countries. Main topics are the develoment of strategies for the treatment of contaminated sites and for land recycling. Key aspects of the 9th meeting of the Forum in November 2002 at Berlin are the Groundwater Directive, Environmental Liability, Soil Policy, Sustainable Landuse, the 6th RTD Framework Program and two EU research projects (EUGRIS, METROPOLIS). Read more


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