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Influence of European Environmental Interest Groups on European Environmental Policy

11 July 2004

In his contribution for the symposiom  "Representation of Interests by NGOs at European Level" at the Bucerius Law School, Dr. Nils Meyer-Ohlendorf focused on the influence of European environmental interest groups on European environmental Policy. Dr. Nils Meyer-Ohlendorf analysed the institutional structures of European environmental NGOs and illustrated their success and deficits in influencing European environmental Policy. Therein, he focused on the Green G8, an umbrella association of European environmental NGOs and the European Environmental Bureau (EEB).Read more


The German Water Sector: From Liberalisation to Modernisation

24 May 2004

Eduard Interwies, Senior Economist at Ecologic, presented an assessment of the impact on the German water sector of recent developments concerning the potential liberalisation of water services at EU level.Read more


Integrated Water Resource Management for Latin America and the Caribbean

24 May 2004 to 28 May 2013
Costa Rica

Policy learning among nations and the exchange of experience play an important role in improving environmental management and policy. To facilitate the exchange between water experts from Central America, the Inter-American Development Bank organised a workshop on Integrated Water Resources Management, which was held in Costa Rica on 24-28 May 2004. In this context, R. Andreas Kraemer presented the economic dimension of integrated water resources management.

The presentation:

  • Introduces economic approaches applied to Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM),
  • Read more

Why Talk to the Foreign Office? The Cooperation with the Federal Government in International Affairs from the NGO Perspective

19 November 2003

As part of its regular training programme, the German Federal Foreign Office conducted a seminar on Cooperation with Parliament, Business and NGOs/Civil Society.  R. Andreas Kraemer was invited to contribute a perspective from a policy-advising think tank and comment on the relationship between NGOs and national and international governmental institutions in international affairs and global governance.Read more


Quality has its price! But which? - Future of the Water Supply and Wastewater Sector

30 October 2003

The Evangelische Akademie Loccum hosted a conference on "GATS, EU-internal market and the liberalisation of general services in Germany". Wenke Hansen talked about the quality and price of water services in Europa.Read more


Ethics, Transparency and Accountability

18 March 2003

Dr. Grit Martinez, Fellow at Ecologic Institute and Advisor to the Water Integrity Network, moderated the seminar Beyond Water Bribes: How to build a Corruption-Resistant Water Sector? at the 5th World Water Forum in Istanbul on 18 March 2009. Ecologic Institute had already co-convened an awareness-raising event showcasing the new Water Integrity Network (WIN) at the 4th World Water Forum in Mexico.Read more

European Environmental Governance and Policy Integration

27 February 2003
Durham, NC

In an Environmental Policy Lecture on European Environmental Governance and Policy Integration, R. Andreas Kraemer explained the policy process in the European Union, environmental governance, and the structures and procedures for integrating environmental protection requirements into other policies. Faculty and students attended this event at Duke University, Durham, NC, on 27 February 2003, and engaged in a lively debate.

The presentation of R. Andreas Kraemer is available forRead more

A Revolution in Europe - The Water Framework Directive

16 April 2002
Washington, DC
United States

The Heinrich Boell Foundation and the National Wildlife Federation co-hosted a conference on "Water: A Key Issue for Sustainable Development - For Johannesburg and Beyond" in Washington, DC, on 16 April 2002. R. Andreas Kraemer spoke on the emerging water policy framework in Europe, its likely effect on water management, and lessons for other part of the world.

Although Agenda 21 establishes principles for protecting the quality and supply of freshwater resources, the world's freshwater resources are becoming more polluted and degraded, freshwater ecosystems are disappearing at anRead more


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