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Naturkapital und Klimapolitik

Synergien und Konflikte

Naturkapital Deutschland – TEEB DE (2015): Naturkapital und Klimapolitik – Synergien und Konflikte. Hrsg. von Volkmar Hartje, Henry Wüstemann und Aletta Bonn. Technische Universität Berlin, Helmholtz-Zentrum für Umweltforschung – UFZ. Berlin, Leipzig.Read more


Designing Institutions, Structures and Mechanisms to Facilitate the Linking of Emissions Trading Schemes

By linking different ETS, regulators create interdependence: decisions taken in one system have effects on the linked systems. Since ETS are evolving over time, there is a need for joint governance structures, to ensure compatibility of the linked systems, to avoid unwanted inferences, and to prepare for eventual disputes. In this report for the German Emissions Trading Authority, Benjamin Görlach, Michael Mehling and Ennid Roberts have looked into possible solutions for these challenges. The report is available for download.Read more

Multistage optimisation process during site-specific evaluation of fish protection and fish downstream migration

Infographic in a manual on site specific evaluations of the efficiency of fish protection and bypass systems
The infographic presents the optimisation process during site-specific evaluations. Deficiencies can be identified at an early stage, during technical and hydraulic characterisation and during study of fish migration. Optimisation proposals can then be developed. Thus the efficacy of optimisation measures implemented can be tested during the course of the evaluation process.Read more

Beispiele von Standorten unterschiedlicher räumlicher Komplexität

Infographic in a manual on site specific evaluations of the efficiency of fish protection and bypass systems
The manual helps to examine a wide range of sites, including complex spatial constellations. Sites with transverse structures as well as hydro power plants and tangential water withdrawal systems can be evaluated. This infographic shows site examples of different spatial complexity.Read more

Evaluating 15 Years of Transport and Environmental Policy Integration

TERM 2015: Transport indicators tracking progress towards environmental targets in Europe
Since 2000 the Transport and Environment Reporting Mechanism (TERM) has monitored the progress of the integration of environmental objectives into transport policy in the EU. The TERM 2015 report investigates key developments in the transport sector with regards to environment, identifying what has improved and what has been a barrier to the sector's environmental performance. Ecologic Institute contributed to the TERM 2015 report with a chapter on transport and biodiversity. The full report is available for download.Read more

Selling Solar Services as a Contribution to a Circular Economy

The solar services sector sells the service of providing the use of solar electricity to its customer instead of selling solar PV systems (the product). This new business model can be seen as a radical innovation for the solar sector – as it is in other sectors. It is particularly interesting from the perspective of systemic eco-innovation fostering a carbon-free and circular economy. The policy brief is available for download.Read more

Producing Bio-Ethanol from Residues and Wastes

A technology with enormous potential in need of further research and development
Waste-based bio-ethanol has the potential to both fight climate change and reduce land competition. However, in order to unlock its potential, support for research and development, as well as an enabling political framework, are needed. In this policy brief, Ecologic Institute's Dr. Martin Hirschnitz-Garbers and Jorrit Gosens explain the technology's need of further research and development. The policy brief is available for download.Read more


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