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Consumer Policy

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More or Less? Changing Consumer Behaviour

26 November 2014
How can policy shape consumer behaviour towards more sustainable choices? In a lecture at this year's Science Event in Vienna, Katharina Umpfenbach discussed the contribution of recent scientific findings of behavioural economics, sociology and psychology to this debate. Hosted by Austria's Umweltbundesamt and ORF the Science event brought together scientists and practitioners working in local initiatives to explore how societal transformation towards sustainability could be achieved. The presentation slides are available for download.Read more

Ökologische Tierhaltung und Naturschutz – Synergien und Konflikte

Wunder, Stephanie 2014: "Ökologische Tierhaltung und Naturschutz – Synergien und Konflikte", in: Lieske Voget-Kleschin; Leonie Bossert and Konrad Ott (eds.): Nachhaltige Lebensstile. Welchen Beitrag kann ein bewussterer Fleischkonsum zu mehr Naturschutz, Klimaschutz und Gesundheit leisten? Weimar bei Marburg: Metropolis Verlag für Ökonomie, Gesellschaft und Politik, 202-215.Read more

European Smart Home Market Development

Public Views on Technical and Economic Aspects Across The United Kingdom, Germany and Italy
Smart homes offer significant potential to enable new energy saving services and capabilities offered via smart grids. However, research reveals that consumer perception regarding reliability and data privacy risks, as well as high costs of technologies act as significant barriers to consumer acceptance of smart homes. In a paper, published in Energy Research and Social Science, Benjamin Boteler and co-authors investigated the differences and similarities in technical and economic drivers and barriers to smart home market development in the UK, Germany, and Italy. The paper European smart home market development: Public views on technical and economic aspects across the United Kingdom, Germany and Italy is available for download.Read more

ENVI Relevant Legislative Areas of the EU-US Trade and Investment Partnership Negotiations (TTIP)

Study for the ENVI Committee
A recent study provides the members of the European Parliament Committee on Environment, Public Health, and Food Safety (ENVI Committee) with the needed expertise to monitor the ongoing negotiations for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) agreement. The study was co-authored by Ecologic Institute, Bio IS, and the Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP) and serves as a follow-up to a 2013 study entitled "Legal Implications of TTIP for the Acquis Communautaire in ENVI Relevant Sectors."Read more

The Role of Behaviours in Energy Transition

The holistic approach of Human Energy
An invited poster presentation to the 2014 BEHAVE Energy Conference. Caiati, Giovanni and Adam Pearson 2014: The Role of Behaviours in Energy Transition: The holistic approach of Human Energy. Poster: Laboratory of Citizenship Sciences, Ecologic Institute.Read more

The Role of Behaviour in Energy Transition

3 September 2014 to 4 September 2014
United Kingdom
A study of leading city and community-level energy transitions demonstrates behavioral changes across personal, social, and external dimensions. Giovanni Caiati (Laboratory of Citizenship Sciences) and Adam Pearson, Transatlantic Fellow at Ecologic Institute presented research that shows social and behavioral aspects contribute strongly to energy transition processes.Read more

Energy Transition and Behavioural Change in Rural Areas

13 August 2014
Under the title "Wellbeing and Equity within planetary boundaries" the biannual conference of the International Society of Ecological Economics (ISEE) took place in Reykjavik (Iceland) from 13 to 15 August 2014. Timo Kaphengst from Ecologic Institute presented a report on "Energy transition and behavioural change in rural areas." In total, Ecologic Institute contributed three official inputs to the ISEE conference. The presentation slides and the report are available for download.Read more

Climate Mitigation Requires Initiative – Strategic Development of the National Climate Initiative (NKI)

5 June 2014
On 5 June 2014, the one-day conference "Climate Mitigation Requires Initiative – Conference on the Strategic Development of the NKI" took place in Berlin under the scope of the project "Strategic Development of the National Climate Initiative (NKI)". 150 participants from policy, business, scientific institutions, and civil society discussed and exchanged their views on the main focal points for the further development of the NKI. The presentation slides are available for download. Read more


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