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The New US Energy Policy Act between Climate Policy and State Action

20 February 2006
tierneyThe US energy and climate policy was the topic of the Transatlantic Climate Dinner in honour of Dr. Susan F. Tierney, Managing Principal at Analysis Group, Boston. Against the backdrop of the new US Energy Policy Act, participants at the event discussed, trends and developments in the field of energy policy in the US and in Europe with a focus on climate and security related questions. This Transatlantic Climate Dinner took place on 20 February 2006 in Berlin. Read more

Climate Change Policies at the U.S. Subnational Level – Evidence and Implications

Discussion Paper
Since the Kyoto Protocol came into force, the U.S. has been effectively pushed onto the sidelines in the area of international climate change politics. In fact, U.S. initiatives so far have by and large been limited to bilateral and regional partnerships to combat climate change through technological innovation. Interestingly, activities at the regional, state, and local levels indicate considerable potential within the American political framework, to develop policies at the subnational level that respond to the challenge of climate change. Senior Researchers, Markus Knigge and Camilla Bausch, published a discussion paper which identifies subnational activities and analyses their impacts on greenhouse gas emissions and policy making at the federal level. The discussion paper is available for download.

Read more

Ecologic at the International Climate Conference in Montreal, Canada

The 11th conference of the parties (COP 11) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) took place in Montreal between 28 November and 9 December 2005. The conference simultaneously served as the first Meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol (KP) after its entry into force in early 2005 (COP/MOP 1). Ecologic, represented by Dr. Sebastian Oberthür, Senior Associate, and Dr. Camilla Bausch, Senior Fellow, attended and supported the German delegation.

Strategic Workshop: Transatlantic Environmental Relations

15 December 2005

Apart from the issue of climate change, environmental topics currently attract little attention when transatlantic themes are debated. On 15 December 2005 Ecologic, with support from the Robert Bosch Foundation, organized a strategic workshop in Berlin to identify and raise awareness about those environmental policy issues of utmost importance to transatlantic relations.

Representatives from several transatlantic research institutes, think tanks and...Read more

US Energy and Climate Policy: Legislative Mandates after EU Carbon Trading and Montreal

14 December 2005
lee laneUS energy and climate policy was the topic of the Transatlantic Climate Dinner in honor of Lee Lane, Executive Director of the Climate Policy Center in Washington, D.C. The event participants discussed the possibility of and need for an effective US climate policy, in light of the developments at the sub-national, federal and international levels. This Transatlantic Climate Dinner took place on 14 December 2005 in Berlin. Read more

Nuclear Phase-out and Renewable Energy in Sweden

July 2005 to August 2005
In 1980, Sweden decided to phase out nuclear energy. In 2004, however, an IEA study showed that Sweden had the highest production of nuclear energy per citizen, whereas the use  of wind power potential, for instance, was only recently seriously furthered.  Ecologic brings critical light to the inconstant swedish energy policy, and their effects on nuclear and renewable power. Read more

Feed-In Tariffs’ and Eco-Taxes’ Contributions to Innovation - Experiences from Germany

12 October 2005
Washington, DC
United States

On 12 October 2005, the Climate Policy Center and the German Marshall Fund of the United States conducted an international workshop designed to clarify and improve R&D strategy for climate change solutions. The one day meeting helped experts in the United States and Europe focus on key strategic questions about relevant R&D priorities and policies. Senior Fellow Markus Knigge gave a presentation on the impacts of the German Renewable Energy Sources Act and the Eco-taxes on innovation and commercialisation of clean technologies.Read more

Montreal Strategic Climate Change Workshop on Sub-National Strategies for Clean Energy Investment, Technology Deployment and Innovation

3 October 2005

The G8 climate change outcomes, recent action in the U.S. Senate and developments on the subnational levels within the U.S. constitute a potential crossroad for transatlantic climate change policy. In light of these developments, Senior Fellow Markus Knigge participated in an expert policy maker seminar on subnational strategies for clean energy investment, technology deployment and innovation.Read more

High-Level Transatlantic Dialogue on Climate Change: Broadening Participation, Reducing Costs

20 September 2005
Washington, DC

“A Bridge to the Future: the High-Level Trans-Atlantic Dialogue on Climate Change” is a series of meetings bringing together a selected group of distinguished policy players from diverse backgrounds to explore possibilities for finding common ground on energy and climate policy across the Atlantic. Markus Knigge, Senior Fellow at Ecologic, participated in the second session of this dialogue, which was held in Washington DC September 20 - 21, 2005.Read more


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