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Aaron Best

Aaron Best

Masters in Public Administration
Senior Associate

As a Senior Fellow and Coordinator for Economic Studies at Ecologic Institute, Aaron Best focused on economic issues related to environmental policy. His project work included European climate policies, sustainable development indicators, interplay of trade and the environment, transport subsidies, and the economics of tradable pollution permits. He led the project team organising the high-level conference Beyond GDP that took place in November 2007. He also led a review of the Ecological Footprint and other resource indicators for the European Commission and contributed to several climate-related projects for both EU and German institutions. He is a native English speaker and speaks fluent German. He also has a working knowledge of Spanish, which he learned during his combined eight months living in Central and South America.

Aaron Best's work also focused on issues related to transatlantic policymaking, as well as the interplay of trade and the environment. He provided economic analysis for Ecologic Institute studies on the interplay of climate and trade policy, including work for the European Parliament’s international trade committee. In addition to his research and writing, Aaron Best was manager of the Transatlantic Program, overseeing several of Ecologic Institute's transatlantic initiatives, including the Transatlantic Fellows and Transatlantic Interns programs. As a U.S. citizen living in Berlin, he speaks frequently on transatlantic environmental issues.

In 2005/6 Aaron Best spent 10 months living and working in Germany as a Robert Bosch Fellow. The Robert Bosch Fellowship is an intensive program that provides future American leaders with a detailed look at the present-day institutions, politics and cultures of Germany and the European Union. Prior to working at Ecologic Institute, Aaron Best worked as a research economist at ECONorthwest, the leading economic consultancy in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. He also gained significant business experience as a business development manager and program manager for Amazon.com in both the United States and England.

Aaron Best holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration (MPA) from the University of Washington in Seattle, USA and a Bachelor‘s degree (economics and environmental policy) from The Evergreen State College - an interdisciplinary liberal arts school near Seattle.