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Science Sips on Fisheries Policy in the Science Year 2016*17 – Seas and Oceans

Science Sips on Fisheries Policy in the Science Year 2016*17 – Seas and Oceans

19 July 2017

Ever tried bycatch curry, or discussed ocean sustainability while sipping seaweed cocktails? The fourth Science Sips event takes place on 19 July 2017 at the Berlin Museum for Natural History and features talks that explore fisheries policy.

Fish is a substantial source of food worldwide, but science and civil society warn that we may be overfishing the seas. The national and European fisheries policy framework seeks to ensure sustainable fishing and the protection of oceans – but does fisheries policy achieve this? How does fisheries policy affect the food on our plates? What can an individual consumer do in response to these policies and ocean conservation? The project "Taste of the Future of the Seas" is part of the Science Year 2016*17 – Seas and Oceans, funded by the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research, and addresses the challenges and opportunities for sustainable use of marine ecosystems. Experts will give short, energetic presentations on topics on marine biodiversity, followed by interactive discussion rounds on sustainable consumption. Participants can enjoy street food and drinks made from sustainable seafood, like bycatch curry and seaweed cocktails.

Culinary partners Küstlichkeiten and Bone.Berlin will serve street food snacks made from sustainable seafood to inspire the participants to integrate lessons-learned into their own lifestyle.

Location: Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, Invalidenstr. 43, 10115 Berlin
The event starts at 7.30 p.m.; admission from 7.00 p.m.
Entry fee: 5,-€, which includes one street food snack

To participate, please register via eMail.

All events in the project "Taste of the Future of the Seas" are in German.

19 July 2017
Berlin, Germany
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